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Window and Wall Graphics: 5 Reasons to Consider Them for your Business

Business is all about attracting clients to your products, services, and your brand. That being so, most marketing efforts center around methods that help attract attention for your business. At Mello Signs, we find a big part of your appeal can be generated through window and wall graphics.

Window graphics are generally vinyl creations which are printed digitally, and can be used to promote your business to customers either inside or outside. Wall graphics are usually made from some kind of self-adhesive fabric, and have a variety of uses on the interior of your workplace. We’ve included five major reasons below that window and wall graphics should be a major component of marketing your business to customers and potential customers. 

Brand recognition 
Every potential customer who walks into your place of business should be able to connect with your brand. Wall and window graphics are perfect for conveying the right mood to an audience, and for passing on any message which you feel is relevant about your business. The great thing about this is you can choose how to convey your message: strictly professional, contemporary, or you can be creative and playful with your tone and message.

Establishes and maintains client interest 
People tend to remember how something made them feel, as opposed to simply remembering dry facts about your company. Wall and window graphics are ideal for instilling specific desirable feelings in your clients, especially when they’re coupled with your brand’s story. Combine story-telling with graphics and you’ve got a very memorable message your clients won’t forget. Graphics can be used in any industry to create interest and keep them engaged with what you are selling.

Improves employees’ moods 
You might be surprised at how much the interior of an office environment can affect employees’ moods. In experiments conducted on employee moods in office spaces, the results clearly show employees were more productive and experienced better moods when working in updated and decorated areas. By placing wall and window graphics in strategic areas, you can influence employee moods significantly, and make them happier and more productive. At Mello Signs, we have put this to the test ourselves, and have found that such graphics really do add to an employee’s attitude and productivity.

Influence customer moods 
Many businesses will use wall and window graphics to influence customer moods, to set them more at ease or to encourage a more relaxed state. Restaurants, for instance, will often use interior graphics to influence patrons to relax, so they can enjoy the complete dining experience. Medical facilities frequently make use of interior signage to promote a soothing, calming effect on patients who may be nervous about visiting a doctor’s office. Whatever mood you’d like to promote with your clientele, our Mello Signs specialists can help you achieve that with a custom wall or window graphic.

General benefits 
Wall and window graphics are durable and cost-efficient, and they can achieve a great deal for a minimal investment. You can introduce a totally new aspect to your business, and impress everyone who visits your establishment. You can use either permanent or removable graphics, if you prefer to change them periodically. You’ll be reinforcing your brand, and providing something memorable for all people who come through your workplace. 

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