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What to Expect When Ordering a Custom Sign

Your company signage may be the first thing that potential patrons notice when visiting your business; make sure you are not doing yourself a disservice with a subpar business sign. Reevaluate your current signage to ensure it is eye-catching, easy to read, and fresh, both inside and outside your door. Consider updating your interior business sign when you install your new exterior business sign to give your establishment an overall new look!

Some things to keep in mind when ordering a custom sign include these tips:
  • Think about the time frame. Ideally, it is best to take time to design and customize your sign, but there are situations that merit a quick-turnaround time. Who wants to risk a loss of revenues by not offering prospective customers clear signage during their visit? Make sure that you allow for design time and consider any upcoming holidays or special events that could delay production.
  • Consider the costs. The first thing to do is establish the budget for your new signs. Consider the costs of your new signage as an investment in the future growth of your business and brand. Think about the goals for your new signage and what you hope to achieve with this fresh face.
  • Work with professionals. This is not the time to try and do-it-yourself; if you want professional results, you need to hire an expert in sign design. Furthermore, a professional and experienced sign company should guide you through this process and make educated recommendations based on your business, goals, and budget.
  • Invest in your business. Beyond mere money, invest effort into your business to establish a positive outlook for the future. Upgrading your business sign is an investment in your business to keep it relevant and intriguing to prospective consumers and visitors. A well-made sign can improve your curb appeal, which has the potential of enhancing your company’s overall value.

Remember that it is not always about the size or stature of the sign that matters most; potential customers and clients want accurate, easy-to-see signage that helps guide them to their destination: your door!

Ready to update and improve your current company sign? For business-owners, the place to go is Mello Signs. We create quality signage to attract and retain visitors to your business. We look forward to helping you design the perfect sign for your business. Call or visit us today!

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