Variety of Business Sign Types

The Ultimate Guide to Business Signs

There are all kinds of indoor and outdoor signs which can be helpful for your business, some of which are very informative, and some are mostly decorative in nature. Below is a guide to the various types of signs within these two categories, and how each of them might be useful to your business.

Exterior signs 


The tremendous variety of outdoor signs includes all the following:

  • High-rise signs – these would be used by a business housed in a skyscraper, and their primary function is to direct individuals to your location. To be most effective, they should be eye-catching, they should be placed toward the top of the building, and they should also follow local safety codes and requirements.
  • Neon signs – these can be customized with molded glass tubing to provide a unique look for your business, and they can be highly appealing.
  • Monument signs – this type of sign enhances and complements your building’s architecture and are generally used by businesses which are not visible from the main road.
  • Blade signs – these are very helpful in drawing the attention of passersby to your particular place of business. They will generally project from a building’s front, and are mounted on a frame system or some kind of bracket.
  • Face-lit channel letters – these are individual characters or in some cases logos, which can be installed together to create a cumulative effect. They are among the most common business signs used on the exterior, and their internal lighting generates the illumination on the sign face, so your sign is visible at night.
  • Reverse-lit channel letters – sometimes referred to as Halo-lit letters, this kind of channel letter sign is lit from behind. The lighting projects onto a wall which has been placed behind it to create a soft glow.
  • Non-illuminated channel letters – if lighting isn’t required on your sign, you can use the non-illuminated channel letters which feature the same kind of individual logos or letters as the lit types of signs.
  • Pylon signs – often called pole signs, these appear on the property of many malls, industrial parks, and other business centers. They advertise the different businesses which can be found within the center.

Interior signs 


Indoor signs have a generally different function than do outdoor signs, so it stands to reason they would be different in nature as well, as evidenced by the following:

  • Lobby and reception signs – these are probably the most common types of interior signs, and they are often used to direct individuals to specific businesses.
  • Code signs – these are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act for accessibility purposes, and they’re generally used to identify common rooms and restrooms, and often contain both text and braille.
  • Environmental graphics – this type of sign usually depicts a visual display of some activity or business to make it clear to individuals the nature of interior activities in the area.
  • Directories – often located in the lobby of a building, a directory includes a listing of business tenants and their appropriate locations.
  • Digital printing – these types of signs can be either informative or decorative in nature, for instance welcome banners or celebratory signs, and they can be printed in a number of different colors or layers.
  • Floor signs – with the impact of COVID-19, interior floor signs have come into vogue with the need for identifying six-feet intervals for social distancing, as well as the instructional signs which advise patrons to wear masks at all times.

If you and your business need exterior or interior sign design and installation, contact us at Mello Signs to help you with all your sign needs.  

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