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Preparing to reopen your business? Tips, steps and signs to consider.

OSHA recommends that businesses prepare themselves and their workers for pandemic conditions concerning the coronavirus. As states reopen businesses, your organization needs to be proactive in how you’ll manage your onsite activities to keep staff and customers healthy. We’re offering a checklist of signage options for clear communication and reminders.

Hygiene Reminders

The CDC recommends that small businesses promote etiquette for proper handwashing, sneezing and coughing. Bathroom signs that remind people to wash their hands for 20 seconds or notices where customers can access sanitizer reduce the spread of germs. Signs that remind employees to sanitize and clean at regular intervals assist in finding new routines.

Wayfinding Signs


Major grocery stores are installing one-way signage through aisles to promote safety and to encourage people to move quickly through the store. Your business should offer directions to the most effective routes through your store to avoid lingering and to keep people out of areas where they can spread germs.

New Hours and Services


Let customers know your new policies and hours with digital signage that can be changed as things change.  Customize these signs to provide unique information that highlights contact information and day-to-day operational needs. A digital sign never expires, so it makes a great return on investment during these uncertain times.

Limited Resources


The pandemic has challenged the supply chains. Use signage to remind employees to reduce, reuse and recycle when supplies might be low. You may also need signs to alert customers to limited supplies or slow shipping times. Functional signage that gives out information saves time. Customize your message for your business needs.

Let Your Community Know You’re Still Operating


So many businesses have shifted operations online during the pandemic that customers may need a reminder that you’re open. Install window signs that tell your neighbors you’re still open for business. Add your hours of operation and website to stay in contact with you.

Accessibility Signs


Consider updating your ADA signs under COVID-19. Customers with accessibility problems already feel isolated, so providing signage that gives options can help your business fill a need. We can customize signs for any language, including Braille, to give all of your customers the information that fits their needs.  

Prepare Your Business

Preparing for life post-COVID-19 will have its challenges. Mello Signs wants to help you find ways to reduce the risk of infection to your employees and customers. Contact us about exterior signs and interior signage that will provide information to people inside your business.

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