How to Attract Customers with a Great Business Sign

How to Attract Customers with a Great Business Sign

Digital and mobile marketing may be the newest buzzwords in advertising, but we can’t forget the importance of visibility. Your potential and existing customers must know about your business when they are in your business area. Consumers still live in the real world, making real-world advertising techniques essential to a successful business.

Great business signage offers advantages that have been tried and tested for decades—and there’s a reason they’re still so popular. Signs are a one-time investment for continuous return on that investment.

Human beings are largely visual learners. We see, process, and act based on our conclusions. A good sign can guide that visual learning process right to your website or storefront. Whether your business is virtual or brick-and-mortar (or both!), business signs can attract new customers when used correctly.

Storefront Displays

A recent article by Forbes indicated that over 70% of generation Z, generation X, and millennials still prefer brick-and-mortar stores to a completely digital shopping experience. Using signs outside of your store can attract shoppers and generate new business. Consider using bright and catchy sidewalk signs, banners, and window displays to guide customers from the street to your store.

Using Signs to Represent Your Business

A sign doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t give the reader information about the business. Electronic signs and lighted signs are a great way to attract attention and advertise a product or service. Exterior signs should present customers with a short, easy-to-understand solution. If a person can’t read all of your sign while driving or walking by, then it’s probably too complicated or long.

To attract new customers, exterior signs need to be:

  • Eye-catching
  • Easy to read
  • Representative of the business
  • Informative

Depending on your sign use and placement, consider adding a way for the customer to contact your business. While an Internet search would definitely suffice, make the sales process as easy as possible for your audience.

Interior signs can include a bit more information than exterior signs. They are usually longer and can even include infographics that demonstrate the effectiveness of the business. Interior signs can also be used to advertise specific goods and services. Menus, temporary promotions, directory signs, and even corporate signs can be an effective way to use interior signs.

The more attractive the interior sign, the more likely customers will feel confident in the quality of the business. Signs that are equally informative look both polished and attract new customers.

Signs Can Inspire Action

The purpose of advertising with business signs is to convince the potential customer to do something. Think of it as a publicly displayed call to action. Before choosing your business sign, figure out what you want it to accomplish. Using multiple signs can perfect a marketing strategy!

For more information on ways that business signs can help you attract new customers, contact Mello Signs today.

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