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How the Right Sign Can Build Awareness of Your Business

With the expansion of the digital global marketplace, many business owners neglect concrete ways of visual advertising. Online brand awareness is one of the most widely embraced concepts in the world of marketing. Yet, while the internet is a powerful tool—it’s not the only one.

We spend our lives living in the real world, and signs make real world brand awareness possible on an entirely different level.

Recognize the Value in Choosing the Right Sign

People encounter signs every day and use them in ways that are both informational and suggestive. When choosing a place to spend your lunch hour, a sign can be the difference between money spent at a gourmet restaurant and another trip to the vending machine. The concept of brand awareness comes in the form of repetitive visual advertising that’s accomplished using signs.

Driving by the same sign every day “puts a face to the name” of a brand. This can cement the logo and company name in the mind of the potential customer who drives by the sign over and over again. A sign allows your brand to offer a solution at local level.

Choosing the right sign is a part of visual advertising to meet the needs of your consumers and the goals of your business. You’ll need to decide whether your goal is to direct customers to your place of business, to generate interest, or a subtle combination of the two.  Exterior signs and interior signs can provide communication points along the customer journey. 

What Your Sign Says About Your Brand

Whether you need a durable and classy monument sign to establish your business location or a wall sign to define your business, every sign is an asset to your brand. Think about the most iconic signs in America; The neon cowboy in Vegas or the mountainside signs near Gatlinburg are more than just another form of advertising—they’re a piece of Americana. Aligning your brand with such a powerful tool as a sign will give an extra level of awareness that most companies can’t establish with the Internet alone.

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