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Creative Ways to Market Your Business With the Power of Signs

Marketers will tell you that the best products or services do not matter if no one knows about them. It’s one of the fundamental purposes of advertising: to tell the world, or at least potential customers, who you are, and what you have to offer that’s better or different than everyone else, whether it’s with a catchy radio jingle, a crazy commercial, or sign.

Signage not only has a primary functional role of directing your audience to a correct location but can also get them excited about your business as an extension of your branding and campaigns.

A business can use exterior and interior signage to show off your identity and branding with colors, lines, fonts, graphics, and and styles. Signs invite people in, literally and figuratively.

Signs assure new customers that they are in the right place and serve as a reminder to returning customers.

In fact, signs can be thought of as “silent salespeople,” a phrase used by The International Sign Association to describe the value signs can have to your location and products. They are around day and night, in all weather, and, if designed properly, can be a great investment to attract visitors.

Business owners or marketers can increase business sales with creative signage strategies: 

  • MAKE IT LIT A sign that is only noticed during daylight hours is losing out on visibility at nighttime. But a sign that has illumination can provide direction in the evening or on cloudy days. Even if a business is closed in the evening, a lighted or LED/electric sign will still identify the business for people passing by as a reminder to return during business hours. If local laws permit, consider making your business sign not just bright but also able to change color, blink, display words, or move.
  • USE AWNINGS In addition to adding an element of class to the exterior of your building and displaying your name, logo, address, or other helpful information, awnings provide a perfect place for people to congregate and get out of the weather. Whether it’s sunny and hot or cold and rainy, an awning is a useful function to serve your patrons beyond the interior of your business.
  • GO WILD WITH WINDOW DISPLAYS – Window displays get noticed by new and returning customers. Plus, it can provide some degree of privacy within the store while still allowing the natural light to come into your business. Use window displays for sales, launches, or an extension of your branding.  An attractive display will also enhance the look of your building or a location.  

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