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Channel Letter Signs | What You Need to Know

Channel letter signs are the signs made of individual letters. These signs offer many different options, from materials to lighting that make the signs ideal for branding. Three-D letters can be made from any font and color, and in any size. Channel letter signs are highly customizable, making them ideal for exterior branding.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

There are many types of channel letter signs. By changing the mounting and lighting options, your sign can be unique to your business.
  • Front-lit channel letters – the most common type of channel letters. The light comes from the face of the letters. Typically, these letters are mounted flush against the building or in a logo box.
  • Reverse lit channel letters – the light comes from the back of the letters, much like a halo appearance. These channel letters tend to be softer and more sophisticated.
  • Combination-lit channel letters – these letters are lit from the front and the back, giving them a dramatic appearance that stands out.

Channel letters are typically made of either plastic or aluminum.

Mounting Options

Another way that the signs are personal is how the letters are mounted:
  • Direct mount – letters are attached to the exterior of a building or to the wall. The electrical wiring is housed behind the letters by a bulkhead wall or façade.
  • Raceway mount – the letters are mounted on a metal box, which houses the power source and electrical wiring. The raceway matches the color of the wall where the sign will be installed. This type of sign is usually required when you rent instead of own, because the installation doesn’t affect the building as much.
  • Backer mount- the channel letters are attached to a backer panel, similar to the raceway mount.

Can a channel letter sign be moved?

Channel letter signs are movable, from just a few feet on the building to an entirely new building. However, if the sign is corroded or cracking, the letters may get damaged in the move. High-quality signs, installed by professionals have a lot better chance of surviving a move without damaging the letters.

Invest in Signage for Your Business

Exterior signage points the way to your business. Before investing in any signage, check your local ordnances and lease agreement. Purchase a high quality sign that will last a long time. Think durability and branding instead of price. A high quality LED that makes your sign bright won’t fade as fast a cheap LED that is dim. Contact us today!

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