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5 Types of Signs All Small Business Owners Should Know About

Signage is often one of the last thoughts an entrepreneur has, but successful signage can boost your business. It’s not easy to catch the customer’s eye when they’re traveling along at a fast speed with dozens of other thoughts on their mind. Signs need to be visible and readable to make an impression.  

The SBA recommends signs as an effective marketing tool that brands your business, generates impulse purchases and attracts new customers. Here are five types of interior and exterior signs that your business should consider.

LED Signs

LED signs are often the first thing that your customers see when they’re looking for your business. It’s an effective way to promote your business in the community and to grow your customer base. The International Sign Association says that LED signs offer flexible branding and timely communication. LED signs have many benefits, because you can change the message.

Blade Signs

Blade signs are the signs that are perpendicular on the side of the business. Generally, a blade sign goes over the door and identifies the entrance. These signs are great if you have a lot of foot traffic because it increases awareness of your location.

Awning Signs

These signs are typically made of canvas and fit over your outside windows to add branding messages. The great thing about an awning is that it also provides shade and coverage from the weather, making your business more comfortable.

Monument Signs

Freestanding signs are often used to identify a parking lot or to guide customers to your location. Monument signs have a solid base, commonly made of brick or concrete, then have a sign with the company name and any other information.

Pole Signs

These freestanding signs are set on poles to raise them high into the air to make them visible for miles around. Typically, only one company is listed on the sign, but businesses could go together to install one on the property. The more appealing the sign, the more awareness your business will get.

Interior Signs

Once your customer is in your door, the interior signs help direct him or her through the store. Directory signs provide order and help your customer shop. Menu board signs can share pricing or other information to make ordering easier. You may even want to highlight point of sale registers to let your customer check out quickly. Signs can be customized to fit your message and branding to make you stand out.

Let us help you create signs that generate business.

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