Mello Services

Mello Signs is a full-service sign company with over 100 years of combined experience. We are committed to listening to our customer’s needs and ideas. Mello Signs values both your business and time as we strive for excellent customer service and satisfaction. We have built, and installed hundreds of signs for various industries in DFW, statewide, and nationally. We perform service and maintenance for your business signage in the DFW and surrounding communities.

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Below are a few of the signs that we currently build:

  • Monument Signs – These signs are typically placed at the entrance to a parking lot or the entrance to a building. They can be made of a variety of materials such as concrete, brick, wood, or a high-density foam. They may have one company name on them or list all tenants in the complex.
  • Pylon Signs Are BIG tall signs meant to be seen from a distance. Hotels, gas stations, and restaurants along a highway or freeway frequently use these. These signs can advertise a single business or several businesses. Pylon signs like this one are common in shopping centers to prominently advertise the businesses within.
  • Pole Signs  Are just that… a sign on a single pole. They are used in the same ways pylon signs are but usually have only one company listed..
  • Directional Signs – Provide information on where to find businesses within a business complex and are usually meant to be viewed from a vehicle and by pedestrians.
  • Wall signs – Tell your customers who you are and where you are. YOUR IDENTITY!! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are individual letters, some are simple flat signs, and some are lighted sign boxes. They can be illuminated from within, from behind, or from lights shining on the sign.
  • Blade Signs or Projecting Signs – Mount perpendicular to the wall of the building. They help pedestrians find the entrance to a business from the sidewalk. They can be lit or not.
  • Awnings – Are typically canvas over a frame and are a classy look for any business. They not only promote the business but also provide shelter or shade for customers as they enter the business.
  • Window Graphics – Will draw in customers passing by. It’s a great way to identify the business as well as advertise products and services. Window graphics grab attention right at the front door of the business.
  • Channel Letters – Are custom-made metal or plastic letters commonly used in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings, and often internally illuminated. Unlit three dimensional letters that are applied to sign panels or monuments are usually referred to as dimensional letters.
  • LED Signs or Electronic Message Centers – Outdoor electric advertising provides the best return on investment for any business owner. We represent a variety of manufacturer’s and do onsite consultations to see what product works best for your specific situation.
  • Lighted Signs – Our signs can be lit or non-lit depending on needs and budget.  Standard lighting methods include top of the line LED’s, Designer Neon, and fluorescent lighting. 
  • Neon Signs – We can fabricate over 40 colors of neon If you are looking for border neon or an awesome interior sign we have you covered.
  • Office Signs – Interior signs behind a welcome desk or if you are looking for an identity wall we can help you with foam, acrylic, or metal letters.