Our Process

Our Process

To make sure you get the sign you envision, our project managers will visit with you to determine your ideas, thoughts, and the usage of your new sign.  Our main goal is to get you what you want!!

We will then do a site survey to get a better idea of the location of your new sign, as well as color visibility, sign type, etc. We will also meet with our graphic design team to produce for you a scaled drawing of your product in full-color detail with specs. Once the drawing and quote are approved by you we will begin the permit and fabrication processes.  

For all exterior signs, Mello Signs team will help procure permits with municipalities who require permits be obtained before installation. There are instances where a city may not approve a design concept presented and choose not to issue a permit. In those instances, Mello Signs has the knowledge and experience to assist with a variance or special exception process that includes presentations to the local board or council in the effort to obtain authorization to construct the sign design you’ve chosen.

Mello Signs produces United Laboratory Certified illuminated signage and comply with the required inspections by a UL Representative on a quarterly basis to maintain our certification status.  Once signs are installed we make sure to call in all city required inspections to assure everything passes and is compliant with current codes.

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